Age of Enrollment

To enroll in kindergarten for 2012, your child must be 5 years old by September 1, 2012.



When a student is absent, the parent should call the office that day to let the school know.


A child will be marked tardy after the final bell rings. After three tardies, the teacher will call the parents.

Holy Days and Holidays

Please refer to the Imperial Academy school calendar on the inside front cover.


If your child is sick with fever or vomiting please wait 24 hours until the child is symptom-free before returning to school.

In cases for those students taking medication: Imperial Academy administration, faculty, and those involved will not be responsible and will not administer any type of medication, including over-the-counter remedies such as Aspirin or Tylenol. If medication needs to be administered during the school day, it is recommended that parents come to the school and administer it.


Boys and girls at Imperial Academy are expected to uphold a high standard of dress and hygiene. To this end, extremes in dress and hair are not permitted. Imperial Academy students will wear school uniforms. No jeans are allowed. No flip-flops.

  • Boys should wear a white collared shirt; shirts must be tucked in at all times. No baggy slacks. Belts are recommended with slacks, but not required. Boys in grades K-6 may wear either navy blue shorts or slacks. Hair must be well-groomed.

  • Girls should wear a white collared blouse or shirt and navy blue skirts or jumpers. Skirts must be knee-length. Hair must be well-groomed.

Other Information


Imperial Academy has an operating library for ages 4-18. Students will use a library card to borrow books from the facility.


Imperial Academy asks that parents feed their kindergarten-age children lunch before sending them to school.

Lost and Found

Refer to the Imperial Academy office for items before and after school.

Address or Phone Number Change

Any time an address or telephone number (home or work) changes, please notify the Imperial Academy office.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parent-teacher conferences will be held two to three times a year, with the first being held in the fall of the school year. The teacher will discuss your child's progress. It is highly recommended that both parents attend if possible.

School Conferences

Please feel free to consult with the school office regarding any problems or questions that concern your child. It is a service to both parent and student, and each teacher welcomes a visit from any parent. We do urge, however, that such conferences be made by appointment at a convenient after-school hour.


Parents are requested to leave items for children or teachers in the office for pickup. Please do not go to the classroom as it might disrupt teaching.