Imperial Academy Online is an online interactive classroom environment. While Imperial Academy Online is not home schooling per se, the program does rely heavily on parental involvement.

Daily classes are taught using live video-conferencing software in real time. Teachers and students all interact with each other using web cams and microphones, and online students hear the same lectures and have the same deadlines as the students in Edmond.

Assignments are both assigned and submitted via the internet. Teachers can assign, grade, and return assignments on the Imperial Academy website. Students can send messages and questions to their teachers or each other through the site - even when others are actively logged in. If a student is unable to attend class (which is rare since virtual quarantine due to sickness is not necessary), they can still find their past assignments on this site.

Even though instruction is done in the virtual classroom, parents must still supervise their children. In some classes teachers will request parents ensure their children submit their assignments, and parents should always be available to oversee their children's quizzes and tests. Also, parents can track the progress of their children with a separate user name.

All books and most pieces of science equipment are provided by the school and shipped directly to students. Most hardback textbooks and science equipment must be returned. The return policy for each item will be included on the packing slip.

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List of Online Courses (2014-2015)

Middle School

7th Grade English- Mrs. Deborah Leap

8th Grade English- Mr. James Brandon

7th Grade Math- Mr. Eric Burns

Pre-Algebra- Mr. Eric Burns

Geography- Mr. Shane Granger

Early US History- Mr. Jason Cocomise

Life Science- Ms. Deepika Azariah

Earth/Space Science- Mr. Dan Arnfield

Microsoft Certification- Ms. Alisha Miiller

Introduction to Adobe- Mr. Brandon Nice

High School

9th Grade English- Mr. Brandon Nice

English A- Mr. Mark Jenkins

English B- Mr. James Brandon

Algebra 1- Mr. John Rambo

Algebra 2- Mr. John Rambo

Advanced Algebra- Mr. John Rambo

9th Grade Science- Mr. Dan Arnfield

10th Grade Science- Mr. Chris Eames

Chemistry- Mr. Dan Arnfield

U.S. History- Mrs. Bettie Arthur

Personal Finance- Mr. Dan Burns

World History- Mr. Shane Granger

History of Judah- Mr. Edwin Trebels


Grades 1-2- Mr. Edwin Trebels

Grades 3-4- Mr. Jason Hensley

Grades 5-6- Mr. Steve Hercus

Grades 7-8- Mr. Dwight Falk

Grades 9-12- Mr. Shane Granger